Any time I start to feeling mighty fine about myself, the Lord God throws me a doo-dah. That’s our family’s term for something that shows you that you ain’t exactly Einstein, Baybee.

Recently, I experienced a 3-DooDah Day.

First, I finally perceived that the lovely, tall flowering plant I had been watching grow with pride all summer in our front berm, that was putting out millions of what I was sure would be lovely blossoms, was actually NOT a lovely, tall flowering plant.

It is a weed — a mare’s tale – a nuisance here in corn country – and those weren’t lovely blossoms. Those were about to be five billion WEED SEEDS blown all over the neighborhood. AAAIIIEEE!!!

As if my gardening chops weren’t chopped up enough, I also realized why the long line of colorful vincas running all across the front of our ranch-style home were very short on one end, and very tall on the other. Who grows a slanted flower bed? The mystery was murderous on my obsessive-compulsive disorder. But I finally realized that the SPRINKLER was not hitting the plants to the south. They were dry and shrimpy. The ones in the middle got a few sprinkles. But the ones on the north were getting a snootful. That is why those flowers gradually increased in height from four inches to 24. AAARRRGGGHHH!!! Do people think I was drinking when completing my landscaping plan?!?

Last, but not least, I usually try to come off as a wise, dignified, “together” grandmother when I babysit our grand-hearts. But this time, over at their house, I had a little mini dinosaur in one hand and a fruit snack wrapper in the other. I wanted to shove them into the pockets of my darling pink paisley skirt. But I could not FIND said skirt pockets. Try as I might, my hands wouldn’t slip into those familiar pockets. Hmmm!

Finally, the light dawned. I had two pockets, all right – but they were FACING BACKWARDS. I had been wearing my darling skirt backwards all day! Maybe all summer!!! What kind of a dignified grandmother wears her skirt backwards, while her tiny grandchildren know which end is up and have aced “tag in back,” with excellence?

Thank You, Lord. Lessons learned.

Guess whose ego took a hit? Doodah, doodah.

Guess whose ego needed it? Oh, 3-Doodah Day!!!


 When pride cometh,

then cometh shame:

but with the lowly is wisdom.

-Proverbs 11:2

By Susan Darst Williams • 8/23/2020 • • © 2020