Masks From Heaven

There are many names for God in the Bible. But Jehovah-jireh is one of my favorites. I love to say it like an intensely faithful Southern person: “The LAWD will pro-VIDE!!!”

What a lesson for this day and age, as we deal with the Covid-19 virus pandemic and all the worries and stresses that have come with it.

So it was with joy and a wondrous shaking of my head that I learned what happened to my friend Shawn one recent morning.

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God Wins!

I was driving to the grocery store (yes, with a homespun mask on!) and worrying about all the bad news about this dang virus. Suddenly, a car sped by with the license plate:


God Wins!!!! Love it! My heart flooded with comfort and hope.

Zero doubt in my mind that our Redeemer is going to help us solve this.

Amen, Hallelujah and Woot!!! †


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The Equine Virus

My blood pressure has shot sky-high because of this darn virus disaster. I’ve had a headache for two weeks, worried sick about its impact. I’ve been spending ‘way too many hours reading online and watching TV news, trying to understand how this could have happened, and what we can do about it. People are being so irrational and mean to our President, and the shock and hurt of that is rubbing off on me, too.

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