Our eldest and her wonderful husband live near San Francisco. Everybody there is green to the gills, meaning, environmentally-minded. They decided that they hate gas-emitting machinery such as mowers and weed whackers to care for their common neighborhood grounds. Instead, they have hired . . .

. . . a flock of sheep!

The sheep come with a moveable pen, a shepherd and his trailer, and a very purposeful shepherd dog. There are coyotes around, after all. Every day, the shepherd moves the pen so that, at the end of the week or whatever the contracted time is, all of the grass and weeds will be trimmed down, the sheep will be happy and fed, and the neighbors can feel virtuous, earthy and . . . bah-velous!

Sheep are the most-mentioned animals in the Bible, hugely important to the economy. The Passover lamb foretold Jesus, the Lamb of God. Repeatedly, we believers are called “the sheep of God’s pasture,” and Jesus is our brave and wonderful Good Shepherd. If one of us is lost, He will leave the 99 and go get us. We’re special! So outside their window is a picture of how God sees us – very cute! Plus, what they’re doing is so good for the environment.

Live lawn mowers! What will they think of next?


I am the good shepherd:

the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep.

         — John 10:11

By Susan Darst Williams • 5/18/2020 • www.RadiantBeams.org • © 2020