If you’ve been sad about the ugly and distasteful stuff going on in our country, especially the scourge of human sex and labor trafficking, here’s a way to take a stand for beauty, sweetness, and much-needed support for a wonderful Omaha charity that turns trafficking victims into productive, thriving citizens.

It’s www.RejuvenatingWomen.com. This is about the fifth year that I’ve grown flowers for them to make into bouquets. You can “order” a bouquet for yourself or someone special and have it delivered anywhere in the Omaha metro area. All you have to do in return is to donate, online or by check, to Rejuvenating Women. I’ll be telling you a little more about this excellent organization over the next few weeks as this “benefit bouquet” project continues. Hope you’ll join me in supporting it.


This year, I’m adding a second option for you to show your support. It has to do with the billions of black raspberries have kind of taken over our back yard. I have already made 18 jars of black raspberry jam, and have lots more in the freezer, ready to become more jam or to go into smoothies and sorbets. You can “order” one or more jars of canned jam AND/OR a 2-cup freezer sack full of luscious, frozen black raspberries for smoothies, sorbets, or to defrost a bit and put on your cereal. I don’t care how much you donate to Rejuvenating Women in return BUT MAKE IT YUGE!!!! Ha! Seriously, any amount would be much appreciated.


Speak now! Would you like a bouquet, a jar of jam, 16 ounces of smoothie berries, or all three? Buzz me in the comments. Let’s do this!

Thanks so much for your prayers and good thoughts for Rejuvenating Women! They really are a blessing to our entire community, but especially to the girls and women whose lives they help turn around. They do it with the help of donations from supporters like you, skillful therapy, caring volunteers, and the Lord Who loves us all.

Like bouquets and berries, you can see His love blossom in them, and literally rejuvenate them. There’s nothing better than that!


The Lord is good,

a stronghold in the day of trouble;

and he knoweth them that trust in him.

–Nahum 1:7

By Susan Darst Williams • 7/14/2020 • www.RadiantBeams.org • © 2020