I’ve been griping a lot about face masks this week. But finally, I discovered a wonderful silver lining.

In my old age, I have developed occasional GOAT HAIR in the vicinity of my mouth and chin. AAAIIIEEE!!! So, from time to time, I have to go to the so-called beauty shop (false advertising) and . . . gulp . . . get waxed.

Double AAAIIIEEE!!!!

I used to call it a “moustache wax.” But pride intervened.

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I’m far from mentally perfect. In fact, my high school nickname from the smart alecks on the school newspaper was “S.D. the D.S.” I was “Susan Darst,” so I understood the first half. But it took me a long time to realize the second half stood for “the Dumb S-h-You-Know-What.”

Well! I never! Those nasty upperclassmen were just mad at how much I usually cut their bloated, egotistical stories. Ha!

But honestly,

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Here’s an idea: if you’re mad and upset about ways that society is letting some of us down these days, don’t just be mad and upset. Get in there and DO SOMETHING!!!

But I mean . . . not loot, riot, spray-paint and pull statues down – but do something positive, constructive, legal and effective!

Here’s what my new friend Spencer Head has chosen: run for school board. They need good people on those boards.

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El Magnifico has a good golf buddy who is sweet, funny . . . and uber-competitive. The other day, he didn’t play so well. That night, he texted El Mag with a unique excuse:

He had come home from golf, went to take a shower, and realized that he had had his underwear on backwards the whole time!

I laughed, but then realized that is exactly how the last several months have felt.

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My younger brother Danny just makes me laugh. We are both into gardening. He went to the nearby farm where he has for years been able to scoop up enough manure for his garden into his own sacks. It was a win-win for the farmer, who got help with his manure management problems, and for the gardener, whose veggies have always been the talk of the neighborhood because of this special fertilizer.

Not this year.

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Ominous! A friend had to be tested for the coronavirus before she could have shoulder surgery. Did they do the nose swab? Nooooo.

They took out a long, long, looooong bristle brush.

They stuck this bristle brush up her nose until it reached her eyeball.

Then they twisted it back and forth for about five seconds (which doesn’t sound like a lot, but IT IS!!).

There must be some kind of chemical on it,

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We live in an equestrian neighborhood. A lot of us have barns in the back yard of our small acreages. Many have horses. Walking around enjoying the sight of the horses and the pretty spring flowers has been Recreation #1 since the darn virus took center stage a few months ago.

The beautiful scenery makes you feel 100% different than when you are glued to the bad news, much of it fake. It seems like there are people in positions of power who are trying to drag out and even expand the misery of covid-19 well beyond the need for precautions.

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I have really come to enjoy the game of pickleball this winter. Outdoor pingpong meets smaller-scale tennis, with a hard paddle instead of a racquet, and a whiffleball instead of a heavier ball. It’s great for social distancing: the idea is to hit the ball where the opponent is NOT – where the opponent can’t get to it. So you never get close to the other players. It’s best as doubles, and more fun that way.

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Next time you slip into misery over the dang coronavirus, think again. Get into the habit of telling yourself, “God’s got this.” Because He does! Remember? He’s got the whole world in His hands! His timing is perfect.  He is everywhere. He knows everything. He never loses anything or anybody. He loves to keep us connected and thriving, not isolated and sick. And He will resolve any problem of any kind, for our good and His glory.

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The desert is dull and dreary, to the uninitiated. Brown and tan and gray and blah, for the most part. You hike along, avoiding cactus needles and poky mesquite branches, wondering what the heck the Native Americans ever found to eat in this barren wasteland.

And then boom! You see hot pink flower blossoms – improbable amid the rocks and gravel. In stark contrast to the forboding spines of the cactus, out pop some truly wondrous,

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