Here’s an idea: if you’re mad and upset about ways that society is letting some of us down these days, don’t just be mad and upset. Get in there and DO SOMETHING!!!

But I mean . . . not loot, riot, spray-paint and pull statues down – but do something positive, constructive, legal and effective!

Here’s what my new friend Spencer Head has chosen: run for school board. They need good people on those boards.

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Because El Magnifico and I love the game of golf, and because our delightful neighbors have a young teen daughter who wants to make the local high school golf team, we had a little bit of a “golf camp” these past two weeks.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday her ditsy old retired neighbors would pick her up and go to a local golf course to practice putting, chipping, sand shots and full swings on the driving range.

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She was a well-behaved college freshman, happy to have joined an excellent sorority on campus. Early in her first semester, she was invited to a fraternity party with an old friend. It was a “first” for both of them, and they got “over-served.” It was out of character for her, but she was dancing like crazy, and pinging off the walls, and being loud and boisterous . . . having the time of her life.

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Anniversary Golden Oldies

I love old people. They wouldn’t hurt a flea. Wish we could get some of these violent protestors to follow their lead.

I’m amazed and perplexed at the number of young people today who apparently are willing to riot, loot, set fires, bash windows, pull down statues, vandalize, beat up people with 2×4’s, shout the “f” word every second, and so forth.

We only get a blip of time here on Earth.

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This is the National Day of Prayer. I’m always blessed to find out how lovely reminders of God’s answered prayers are all around us – even in our own front yards!

I had been worried about our ocotillo – “oh koh TEE yo.” It’s a desert plant that’s not really a cactus. It reminds me of a skinny, upside-down octopus, with at least eight long canes sticking up (hence the name, in Spanish,

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I had a friend who was a valiant, but stressed-out, single mother of three. She was determined to complete all the tasks of her multiple roles at home, on the job, etc. It was tough. One day, she got a cold slap of reality that showed her she had to prioritize better.

What happened? It was at a parent-teacher conference. Her youngest daughter’s teacher complimented her on her child’s wonderful artwork. “Your daughter is very talented,” she told the mother.

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My husband lost his best friend since childhood last week. It was five minutes after their goodbye call. It felt as if a huge hole were ripped away from his side. Mine, too: I loved Steve, our “best man,” very much, too.

It is unbelievable, but just five days later, my beloved and treasured friend, Cindy Moore, also slipped these surly bonds. Now there is a huge hole ripped away from my other side.

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COVID-19 worries have been almost overwhelming for many of us. Will I get sick and die? Will Mom? Will I lose my business? Can we make it on a 25% pay cut?

Whenever I get freaked out, I turn to the three best things in the world: children, flowers and the Bible. If you feed your heart with good, reassuring, encouraging and funny things, there won’t be room for worry and stress.

So here’s why I’m OK today:

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