My friend said something you don’t hear every day: “That was an interesting juxtaposition on the pickleball court.”


We four women met to play pickleball. On the adjacent court were two nice younger men. One of their hard-hit balls bounced into our court and smacked me on the rear end. Didn’t hurt, but we were all startled, and the two men came over to apologize. They told us they are pastors at a neat new church that is nearing completion in our neck o’ the woods.

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Here’s an idea: if you’re mad and upset about ways that society is letting some of us down these days, don’t just be mad and upset. Get in there and DO SOMETHING!!!

But I mean . . . not loot, riot, spray-paint and pull statues down – but do something positive, constructive, legal and effective!

Here’s what my new friend Spencer Head has chosen: run for school board. They need good people on those boards.

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Yesterday I raged against a racist depiction of a character in a book for girls published around 1901. That brought a thoughtful comment from a friend about the famous 1885 masterpiece, “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” by Mark Twain. In it, Huck and an escaped slave named Jim were the main characters. Did I think that was racist, too, since it used the term “nigger”?

No! And I wish I’d made that clear yesterday.

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My mom gave me a box of antique books yesterday. She knows I can’t resist. There was a sweet old bird book, a horse veterinarian’s guide, and a couple of other serendipitous volumes.

I saw a title I vaguely recognized, “Mistress May.” I think it was a famous book for young girls back in the day – I mean, really back. It was published in 1901. Author: Amy E. Blanchard, three-time national book award winner.  

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We went to our daughter and son-in-law’s house this morning to pick up the two grandkids. They are coming over for a “sleepover weekend” with us, to give the tired young parents a much-deserved short trip away.

Between all the packing, lawn mowing, dog whispering, etc., needed to rush out of town, the breakfast dishes were still on the counter. As any grandma would do, I started washing them.

The 4-year-old saw me.

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Because El Magnifico and I love the game of golf, and because our delightful neighbors have a young teen daughter who wants to make the local high school golf team, we had a little bit of a “golf camp” these past two weeks.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday her ditsy old retired neighbors would pick her up and go to a local golf course to practice putting, chipping, sand shots and full swings on the driving range.

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Word to the wise:

If you are a student teacher in a middle-school health class, and the subject is sex education, and the regular teacher assigned you to do a freewheeling Q&A with the students . . . run, do not just walk, for the door.

Heard about a college senior who was student teaching and got that assignment. The regular teacher was absent, so it was all up to her.

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How much are greeting cards these days? They are colorful, beautiful and complex, with amazing textures and add-ons. But yikes – they can cost five bucks, easy. You could go broke being nice.

Low cost is not the only reason I love my Mother’s Day cards from my precious granddaughters. These are their handprints representing cacti in bloom. They’re not only colorful, beautiful and complex, with amazing textures (sequins for the cactus needles) and add-ons (cut-out cardboard for the pots).

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