Rejuvenating Women is a nonprofit organization providing hope and restoration to those enslaved in human trafficking. This organization works to raise public awareness about human trafficking, and offers support and restoration for victims through therapeutic programs and comprehensive services. Their goal is to empower all survivors of human trafficking to lead healthy, independent lives.

The Radiant Beams collection of stories is a fund-raiser for Rejuvenating Women, my favorite charity. If you like these stories, please consider donating to an outstanding charity in Nebraska that fights human trafficking. THANK YOU!

Every Radiant Beams book sale yields a $5 donation for this great charity!

Just as inspiring Radiant Beams stories will "rejuvenate" your spirit, your dollars will help Rejuvenating Women launch trafficking survivors back into happy, healthy life!

“Providing hope and restoration to victims and survivors of human trafficking.”

To donate, please visit the Rejuvenating Women website and choose the Fundraiser campaign.