Still smiling over my good friend’s story from when they were first married. We had been discussing thrifty ways for college students to furnish their dorm rooms and apartments. There’s nothing smarter than being frugal when you’re young.

She relayed how she and her husband were pretty low on cash when they were setting up their household. So they went to garage sales to buy stuff cheap.

Her husband was particularly gifted at negotiating. Someone offered an entire set of stainless steel tableware at the laughably low price of 50 cents. It was obviously a move to just get rid of it. Thus the low price.

But the newlywed haggler would have none of that. He talked them down . . . to 25 cents!!!

He still sees those folks from time to time, and they always razz him about it. I say, well done! Would love to sic him on the IRS!


Laying up in store for themselves a good foundation

against the time to come,

that they may lay hold on eternal life.

–1 Timothy 6:19

By Susan Darst Williams • 7/28/2020 • • © 2020