Landon’s Walls

Children’s children are the crown of old men;
and the glory of children are their fathers.

— Proverbs 17:6


There once was a little boy, Landon James, who was soon to become a big brother. The new baby gets all of his old baby stuff. So it was time for Landon to get his first Big Boy Room. His father wanted to make it extra-special.


So his father and grandparents came up with a plan. Here it is, almost done. Would you say he looks happy, ecstatic, out of his mind with joy, or all three, over the prospect of having his very own bright, colorful room?


Landon's Walls A


But that’s not even the best part. The secret part. Underneath that bright, kid-pleasing paint, there are some words.


They’re written in plain pencil, just a special touch in the special room of a special, much-adored grandson. After being written in pencil in humble script by the two grandparents, they were quickly covered up by the bright paint.


The words remain there, though. The words are a silent, hidden blessing, a witness, a protector, a token of understanding and resolve between the adoring grandparents and the diligent, though sometimes frazzled, young parents.


Underneath the paint on Landon’s walls are the favorite Bible verses of his loving grandparents. They are well-chosen, carefully collected, and lovingly embedded in the place where he’ll grow up.


Landon's Walls B


There’s Psalm 91:11, the great-grandmother’s favorite, about Jesus sending angels to “keep charge” over His children every step of the way.


There are many others about God’s protection and promises, Who He is, and who He has commanded each of us to be. Here’s a list:


  • Rev. 1:11
  • 2 Tim 2:1
  • Ps. 91:11
  • Ps. 91:4
  • Ps. 3:3
  • Ps. 63:6,7
  • Josh. 1:9
  • Jude 24, 25
  • Ps. 103:1
  • Ps.19:14
  • Jn. 17:3
  • Ps. 139:13
  • Jn. 14:6
  • Ps. 100:5
  • Mk. 10:14
  • Ps. 18:1,2
  • Ps. 62:7

Landon's Walls C


Of course no one expects such a young boy to understand or be able to read the words. But just knowing that these important truths are there, surrounding him in his daily life and as he sleeps, is most meaningful to his grandparents now, and someday, they hope, to him.


They left him sweet notes on the walls, too, also covered up by the paint,  but with a meaningful imprint that is everlasting:


They also wrote all of the Biblical Names of Christ on the upper parts of all four walls, including The Alpha and Omega over the doorway:


Landon's Walls D


  • Jesus
  • Prince of Peace
  • Mighty God
  • Wonderful Counselor
  • Holy One
  • Lamb of God
  • Prince of Life
  • Lord God Almighty
  • Lion of the Tribe of Judah
  • Root of David
  • Word of Life
  • Author and Finisher of Our Faith
  • Advocate
  • The Way
  • Dayspring
  • Lord of All
  • I AM
  • Son of God
  • Shepherd and Bishop of Souls
  • Messiah
  • The Truth
  • Saviour
  • Chief Cornerstone
  • King of Kings
  • Righteous Judge
  • Light of the World
  • Head of the Church
  • Morning Star
  • Sun of Righteousness
  • Lord Jesus Christ
  • Chief Shepherd
  • Resurrection and Life
  • Horn of Salvation
  • Governor


Landon's Walls E


I feel sure that someday, there will be friends and teachers and work associates and a bride who will all benefit from knowing Landon – someone with that priceless, golden glow that you get when you feel utterly loved and blessed by the elders on your family tree.


Landon's Walls F


Jim and Chris are making grandparenthood sound mighty appealing. Their little Landon is a perfect poster grandchild for cuteness.


Chris relates this story:


We had the joy of babysitting yesterday morning! At one point, I gave Landon about six Craisins, which he loves. When he said, “More!” his cheeks looked suspiciously like he was squirreling the Craisins away for the winter. So I bent over and inquired before risking giving him more, “What’s in your mouth?” He turned his big blue-gray eyes up at me and said without hesitation, “Teeth!”


Father, bless the child for his innocence and honesty. Bless the one who will grow up surrounded by Your Words of light and love.


Bless his parents, especially as they welcome Baby Elijah any day now.


But most of all, Lord, bless these grandparents. They know Your heart, and want Landon to know it, too. Let them reap the inestimable reward of having grandchildren who trust You as their Savior. Surround them with joys and blessings, the way they’ve surrounded their grandson with Your promises of truth, life and love.


Help all of us to live in the rooms of our lives alongside You, surrounded by Your Words, uplifted by Your love. Grant us the strong faith of these thoughtful, helpful grandparents.


Most of all, Lord, help us see the handwriting on the wall . . . and follow You. †

By Susan Darst Williams | | Fatherhood | © 2020