Pour It On

When the enemy shall come in like a flood,
the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him.

— Isaiah 59:19b


They came back from vacation to find 30,000 gallons of water flooding their Arizona house because of a burst pipe.


The carpet was floating. The kitchen ceiling had fallen in. The walls were soaked. A box with a lamb cake mold had floated out of a kitchen cupboard all the way into the garage.


An adult daughter had found the mess, assembled a demolition team, and started the cleanup process. A grandson got the furniture up on blocks. Salvageable stuff was hauled away. Asbestos in old floor tiles and popcorn ceilings was floating around; they’d have to call in a Haz-Mat team.


Where was the family silver? Grandma’s needlepointed footstool? Mom’s asthma medicine? Dad’s tax records?


Lesser mortals would have collapsed in despair. But not them. They just asked everybody to pray.


They’re Christians. They’re Easter people. They take what life gives them, and they pray their way through.


Even over the next few weeks, when:


·       The husband wound up in the Emergency Room because of a blocked-up digestive system caused by all the stress, and the bill was over $5,000.


·       He discovered a lump that turned out to be breast cancer.


·       Their daughter faced surgery for a mass in her abdomen.


·       Someone in the insurance loop erroneously accessed their bank account and stripped them of $500.


·       The rental house they finally were offered had black mold in the fridge, a filthy oven, and junk in the closets and drawers.


·       They couldn’t get the furnace to work and the wife wound up in the Emergency Room with a bad case of the shakes.


·       The temporary sofa that had been sent to them arrived soaking wet because of a leak in the roof of the truck. . . .


It was a Stress-o-rama! Pour it on!!!


When life floods you – when stress upon stress is poured on – that’s when the Lord Jesus Christ shines the brightest.


Just as they knew they would, the blessings began to flow:


·       Friends and family rallied to provide constant help and encouragement.


·       The husband’s breast cancer was caught so early, he has a 90% chance of recovery with treatment.


·       He turned 65 that month so Medicare covered the huge ER bill.


·       The daughter’s abdominal mass was benign and vaporized by laser.


·       The contractor, architect and private insurance adjuster are all Godly men, so the cleanup and restoration process is going well and fairly priced.


·       Not a single incident of trespassing or theft occurred.


·       The husband’s computer happened to have been away for repair.


·       They had taken their favorite clothes and shoes on vacation.


·       The wife got new asthma medication without mishap.


·       They own many valuable paintings, but they were all in a storage unit because the house was to be painted.


·       The rental agent for their temporary quarters left a goodie basket that included the wife’s favorite flower, daffodils.


·       All the food in the freezer remained rock hard, including a 29-pound turkey.


And then there’s Uno, the sweetest blessing of all.


During the cleanup, they found a litter of five abandoned kittens in their yard. Umbilical cords were still attached, eyes firmly closed. Four died; they buried them tenderly beside a stone angel. Their daughter pulled out all the stops to save the biggest one, Uno. He is now their adored pet, a living reminder that good comes out of bad.




Always! Remember the Cross? That’s what it means.


Recently, the wife had a birthday, and she smuggled Uno to the restaurant, warm and dry in a diaper bag. Everybody loved holding the soft kitten. Her family gave her roses for her birthday. Everyone said it was the best food ever. They laughed, they talked, they marveled at how they really hadn’t lost a thing. Instead, they gained.


And they got flooded once again – with joy.


They knew that, through it all, Jesus was there, loving them, caring for them, blessing them.


They’re Easter people.


They’ve got a Savior.


When life pours it on, even to flood levels, you look up . . . you believe . . . and you stay high and dry. †

By Susan Darst Williams | www.RadiantBeams.org | Christian Living | © 2020