My darling neighbor’s darling daughter mowed her pasture the other day. She came close to the shade garden I made years ago, between our two yards. She spied a plant with heart-shaped, silver-striped leaves and a cloud of delicate blue flowers up above.

“What is that gorgeous plant?” she asked me. “I would really like some for my yard. You just never see blue flowers like that.”

Puffed up with pride, I opened my mouth to reply, but could only muster, “It starts with a ‘B.’” Once again, the memory banks were overdrawn. But I promised: “I’ll look it up and let you know.”

A quick Google search turned up “Brunnera macrophylla.” That variety was nicknamed “Jack Frost” because of the silver stripes.

Oh, no! I don’t even remember buying those. Must have been eons ago. Where did I find them? Oh, dear. They are pretty unusual.

I put the problem in my ever-bulging procrastination file, and did what I do best: waste time on Facebook.

Up popped my favorite gardening store, The Garden Gallery ( or on Facebook, The owner, Michelle, posts captivating pictures of the new plants just off the truck onto her shelves.

That day’s special: Brunnera macrophylla ‘Jack Frost.’

OF COURSE!!!! But God, how do You keep doing this kind of stuff? Little coincidences that just make our lives better. I think You love creating small miracles even more than the biggies. They keep me content as a fish on Your string.

And yes, I ran right over and bought four plants to share with my neighbor. That stuff makes me happy. It’s yet another “touch” of a little bitty miracle just for me, from the Gardener up yonder.


Casting all your care upon Him; for He careth for you.

         — 1 Peter 5:7

By Susan Darst Williams • 5/23/2020 • • © 2020