Because El Magnifico and I love the game of golf, and because our delightful neighbors have a young teen daughter who wants to make the local high school golf team, we had a little bit of a “golf camp” these past two weeks.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday her ditsy old retired neighbors would pick her up and go to a local golf course to practice putting, chipping, sand shots and full swings on the driving range. El Magnifico would tactfully and gently instruct, and I would mostly shag balls.

Finally, this morning was her graduation – her very first round of golf. It was at a nine-hole course that we’ve dubbed “The Goat Ranch.” It’s the perfect starter course. She wound up using every club in her bag.

There were some triple bogeys, some flubs, some balls under trees, some chips over the green, and some short putts missed. There were no teenage eyerolls; no thrown clubs or temper tantrums. She was sweet and calm. She did an excellent job for a first-timer.

We came to the ninth tee. I got out the video camera. She hit her wood – and the ball flew high, wide and handsome. It wound up a solid 150 yards uphill, pin high, next to the green. Woot!

She studied the pitch, and managed to get the ball on the green 20 feet away from the hole.

She went through her putting routine, stood tall . . . and sank the 20-footer.

El Magnifico whooped as if he had just won the Masters. I nearly burst into tears. Just then, a troop of little junior golfers watching from a nearby hillside, led by their smiling coach, gave her a polite and sincere “golf clap.”

It was the perfect finish to a fun and productive time. I felt sure the “routine par” was the Lord’s reward for her hard work and effort. I knew He was rewarding us, too, for our gift of time and encouragement. It feels good to help someone get started on a sport that can provide lifelong enjoyment. All we ask is 1% of her winnings on the LPGA someday!


Behold, I will do a new thing;
now it shall spring forth;

shall ye not know it?
I will even make a way in the wilderness
and rivers in the desert.

–Isaiah 43:19

By Susan Darst Williams • 6/26/2020 • • © 2020